Lincolnshire Windy Surfing

The North Wind doth blow and the windmills doth spin.

Made up from long runs of sandy beaches, come an onshore wind the Lincolnshire coastline doesn’t really provide anywhere sheltered to bolt to. You are therefore left with two choices, either get out amongst it (and enjoy it for what it is!) or play the waiting game whilst the conditions sort themselves out.

Windy Mablethorpe Surfing

The slop

The following photos are taken back in May 2009 where after waiting out two days of onshore slop I eventually broke and headed out for that ‘just to get wet’ feeling. As you can see with the right expectations (and board under your feet!!) these days can still put a smile on your dial! Thereafter I went back to the waiting game and after three days of sitting tight the wind eventually died and left behind some funky fun little peaks to play around in.

Fun Mablethorpe Surf

The seconds

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