Surfing Hog

When nice swells grace our coast the local surfing community pig out and log as much water time as possible.

Some of the locals take this to legendary extremes with Nathan and Simon (featured in this clip) telling me how they’ve done 5 hours straight in the past. If you live in warmer climes you are probably saying ‘so what?’ but chuck 6-10 degree water temperatures into the equation and suddenly you enter a whole different realm of commitment. Their enthusiasm was again out in force this day as once this session was wrapped up the two of them jumped into their cars (still fully gimped up) and drove 5 minutes down the road to a different bank where they proceeded to log another 3 hours in the soup! A couple of surf stoked Lincolnshire surfers filling their faces with every available scrap on offer.

Brown Barreling Wave

Oink. Oink.

Surfing Sutton on Sea

Fill up whilst you can

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