Waiting for waves

A little bit funky & definitely bumpy, but still a few cheeky monkeys 😉

I’m yet to catch it clean but even with a bit of shout running through it this spot is fast becoming my little favourite since returning to the ‘shire. Tucked into a corner of the county which I had always over looked, the wave itself has a clear take off peak and an inside section which sometimes shapes up nicely across a shallow sand bank.

Judging by the amount of internet exposure this spot has (btw that’s how I found out about it!) I am quite surprised that I have not yet seen another surfer in the line up.   Maybe I’m going in at the wrong time? Or is everyone waiting for those prime conditions? Or maybe I am just an overkeen 40 something year old grommet who still finds fun in surfing funky, bumpy, monkeys!

Sucky Skegness wave

Fun wedgie little corners

Surfer riding a couple at Skeg

Enough push to get it on a rail

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