jez goffin Lincolnshire Surfer

Jez Goffin has been part of the Lincolnshire surf scene for many years and is proud to call ‘the right coast’ his home.

This super talented guy holds a unique position researching UK surf culture at Lincoln University. On a day-to-day basis this role gives him the opportunity to document surf culture through art, film and photography…a job many of us would die for!

Put the kettle on, pour a cuppa, relax, click play and enjoy 40 minutes of informal chin wag with the man himself!

90s Lincolnshire Surfing Crew

The 90’s crew on a rare sun & surf blessed day down at Mablethorpe

Jez Goffin Artwork

A taste of Jez’s surf related artwork. See more at

Chatting Surf with Jez Goffin

Chinwagging it with Mr Goffin!!

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