Surf Lincolnshire

After being away from the area for a mighty long time I’m still in the process of  learning about when, where and what stage of tide is best for certain swells and winds.

Whenever I head down this stretch of coast I keep getting drawn to this particular spot as it seems to hold a few better banks than anywhere else . Unfortunately on this day I made the mistake of hitting it too early and as I ran out of paddle power (and got out the water) it came up over the high tide banks and got way better!! On so many levels I’m learning patience is seriously required for the optimum surfing experience here in yellow belly land.

Surfing Trusville at Mablethorpe

Early on in the tide things weren’t looking too hot and conditions weren’t helped any further by a devil south to south easterly wind which was really chopping up the face

Cranking a turn at TV

Although as the tide filled in the wind started to drop and conditions got far more managable

TV high tide wave

An hour before high and it had well and truly sorted itself out. Unfortunately I had just got out!

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