Six best Norfolk Surf Sessions

Norfolk truly is a magical little corner of Blighty and one I know the locals are very proud to be able to call home. After living there for nearly three years I can totally understand why. Made up from stunning coastline, quaint countryside, expansive waterways, history a plenty and the best sunrises in the country this is an area that would be hard to not fall in love with.

When considering surfing here the term ‘being dialled in’ has never been more appropriate. Shifting sandbanks and tidal variations make a massive difference to conditions. On top of that is the areas inconsistency which means you could be waiting a good while longer between surfs compared to more Northern neighbours. Still when everything aligns just right Nelsons county can churn out some super fun conditions which any surfer would be frothing over.

Norfolk Surfing
Zig Zag points the way
Norfolk pier showpiece
Norfolk pier showpiece
Norfolk coldwater glassy surf
Coldwater glass
Punchy Norfolk peak
Punchy peak
Tricky Norfolk favourite wave
Tricky Norfolk favourite
Surfer, Fisherman and Sunrise. Classic Norfolk.
Surfer, Fisherman and Sunrise. Classic Norfolk.

Behind every shot is a story. If you feel the need to know a touch more give us a follow on instagram as we will be giving away a little more juice about each one featured here. No spot names though, never no spot names.….

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