Icy Morning Surf

Diversity is one of the major drivers that continues to fuel my unbridled passion for surfing.

Whilst surfing in warmer climates is great (and I can’t wait to do it again!) there is also an amazing amount of diverse stoke to be obtained from the cold water experience. There is no better example of this than the session documented here which involved hauling my arse up before sunrise (in -2 degree temperatures!), running across a frozen beach, paddling out just as a northern winter sun chucked an eerie orange glow over the shoreline and riding my first wave without another soul in the water.

Crazy to some but an unmissable diverse surfing experience to another.

Morning Light over a Frozen Wintertime Sandilands Beach

Sunrise over a alien looking landscape

Getting ready to paddle out

Crossing the ice to reap the rewards

Sneaky chunky left

The one that sneaked under the radar

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