Brian Jarrett Surfer

Brian Jarrett started surfing along the Lincolnshire coast back in that fantastic era of innocence, the 1970s.

Whilst surfing has always been his main passion he has also indulged in wind surfing, kite boarding and stand up paddle boarding to get his saltwater fix. Aside from being an all round waterman Brian is also an avid beekeeper and this interview was made even sweeter as it took place in his little refuge from the world, his hand made ‘bee shed’!

So kick back and tune your earhole’s into some great tales from back when surfing was innocent and discovery was still lurking around every corner.

Classic 1970s UK Lincolnshire surfing

70’s wetsuit technology  & Brian cutting across a Mabo wall on his ‘Piran Surf’ single fin

Chatting with Brian Jarrett

Swapping tales whilst sitting in Brian’s awesome ‘bee shed’ on a grey December day in Lincolnshire. Life’s sweet in the truest sense of the word.

Brian Jarrett surfing back in the day

The 70s were all about style and Brian had plenty of it to burn, both in and out of the water.

Sutton on Sea 1970s surfer Alan Pratt

This post is dedicated to possibly one of the first people to surf Sutton-on-Sea, Mr Alan Pratt (shown above). He was one of Brian’s close friends from back in the day and judging by the stories  a real character and keen as mustard Lincolnshire Surfer. RIP Alan.

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  1. great interview martin….good to hear …. stoked you tracked Brian down… hope you track down the others ……keen for the honey…… sad to hear about Alan …another leaves us……. R.I.P ….legend…….

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