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Hi, it’s been a while eh?

Ægir Collective came to life in August 2016 when after 27 years away I found myself living back in my home county of Lincolnshire and decided it would be nice to chronicle the experience in a blog. With the help of my incredibly creative and supportive partner we set about it and before long had documented some fun surf sessions and shared the stories about amazing characters who make up the Lincolnshire surf scene. The project built into something we were both very proud of so it was in some ways disappointing when in May 2018 we left the area to move to Norfolk for work. On reflection we probably should have carried the project along with us on our travels but at the time it just didn’t feel right. That was due mainly to my mindset of Ægir Collective solely being a Lincolnshire thing.

So why bring the project back to life now? Well the kickstart was definitely getting the five minute short we put together called ‘Return to Yellow’ in the London Surf Film Festival shorties longlist last year (click here to learn more). Taken from all our previous footage the process fired me back up and made me realise just how much I missed working on personal creative projects. From there I started chucking ideas around in my head and decided that if this is going to progress it needed a fresh start and ideas.

The same, but different… 

So it’s time for the winds of change to blow through the Ægir Collective project in 2022 as it reboots from a four year slumber, changes direction and moves forward. For those of you that enjoyed the ride in the past, rest assured the blog will remain at the core of the project but just no longer limited by geographical location. The other major change you’ll see on Ægir Collective in the coming months is the development of it as a brand. That will eventually involve the release of merch later in the year which is something I’m super excited about.

In the meantime enjoy the redesign and connect with us on social media for more coldwater surfing goodness…

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