super duper moon swell

The Super Duper Moon Swell at the start of February churned out three days of fun conditions along our stretch of coast.

All that gravity pulling on the earth’s oceans resulted in massive tidal variations which subsequently meant that to get the best out of the swell you had to be totally dialled in. Places literally fired up for an hour or two then either disappeared under too much water or the swell got sucked back out to sea with the outgoing tide. Although in some ways this made total sense as February been February after a couple of hours submerged in the North Sea you are more than ready to put up a white flag and surrender.

Lines to the horizon, clean as a whistle, tide pushing in and only one out.

Foot thawing beach jog

Because we all loving pulling into close outs

Bad case of ‘One Last Wave Syndrome’. Surfing through the darkness on moonie Thursday.

Saturday morning leftovers at sands. Where was everyone else??!

Waving goodbye to the last ripples of the super duper moon swell.

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