Forged from UK East Coast Surfing

Ægir [ee-geer]
The God of the Sea in Norse Mythology

Collective [kuh-lek-tiv]
Characteristic of a group of individuals taken together

Early Morning Yorkshire Surfing
Punchy Norfolk surfing peak
Mid Winter Lincolnshire Surfing

Brutal, Unruly, Inconsistent, Daunting, Brown and Beautiful.

The North Sea isn’t an easy place to be a surfer with extreme weather conditions that many of our warm water brethren would balk at. Still when everything aligns just right there’s waves that will fire up your stoke just as much as any other surfing locale from across the world. The surfers here are a passionate bunch of souls whose love for riding waves runs deep and from Kent to Caithness you’ll find them out there getting their fill.

Ægir Collectives aims to celebrate this UK East Coast surfing culture whilst ensuring to maintain the correct respect for every surfer who calls their little chunk of it home.

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