Surfing along to the fun of the fair. Everyone’s got a favourite ride. Personally mine is aquatic […]
Why did I even bother to paddle out on this day of howling northerly wind slop? […]
Sometimes the journey counts as much as the end result. A 5am start to this day resulted in […]
  Bank Holiday Monday knee slappers. Better than nothing but would have been more fun on […]
In June 1985 I was 15 years old and surfing came into my life at  Sutton […]
The North Wind doth blow and the windmills doth spin. Made up from long runs of sandy beaches, come […]
In May 2015 I was back where it all started for me at my old Lincolnshire surfing […]
This day back in 1995 was an icebox with temperatures not getting out of the minus […]